Residential Cleaning Services Prices Guide

Residential Cleaning Services Prices Guide

If want to know the  cleaning services prices to hire someone or want to start your own cleaning services company and want to know how how much does housecleaning cost or how much you should charge, we can help you! here we give you a detailed guide of house cleaning services prices and what you should know.

Before I should clarify that this information I will give below is based on prices of companies, some things you must ensure before hiring a cleaning company in your locality is that they are insured, you must ensure that your house will be protected, we can be very careful but accidents can happen and it is better to be protected, besides the prices I mention are based on companies that are insured and legally established.

Let’s Begin!

Hiring a Cleaning Service.

Do you think to hire an Individual House Cleaner or A Cleaning Company? This is a very big factor in the prices for a cleaning.

Individual maids or house cleaner often charge less than cleaning service companies. The  cleaning services prices of companies are usually higher due to the operation of the company, as well as insurance, Workers’ Compensation Insurance, city and state permits, they also usually guarantee the cleanliness and professionalism of the house cleaners and often perform background checks on their employees. You may decide that the convenience and trust of working with a company is worth the cost. An average of the prices of the cleaning companies that are insured and legally established are between $30 to $60 per hour per maid. (some franchises charges more)

All this “benefits or structure” is usually very difficult to find in an individual house cleaner, but they usually do a good job, just make sure the maid or house cleaner have general liability insurance so that your home is protected from any damage that may occur. An average of the cleaning service prices of a individual housecleaning or maid are between $14 to $25 per hour. (this depends on each state)

What are the  cleaning services prices?

Have you asked yourself what are the  cleaning services prices?

To clarify this question, you must know what type of cleaning you want, what do I mean?

In a cleaning company we manage what we can call “packages”

The most common names are:

  • “Move Out Cleaning”
  • “Move In Cleaning”
  • “Deep Cleaning” (usually referring to “first time cleaning”)
  • “Housekeeping” (recurrent cleaning)

This is in the home cleaning industry, the word “ cleaning services” can include other cleaning sectors.
Example:  Carpet Cleaning or Janitor Cleaning can be cataloged as “ cleaning services

In this article I will focus on giving you the typical prices for home cleaning, if this is what you are interested in you can continue reading this article.

Also what you can get to pay varies a lot from the type of cleaning you choose, I explain.
A cleaning of “Move Out Cleaning” is much more detailed because it must be perfect for the next occupant and your landlord can return your deposit. I’ll explain the average prices of each one below.

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What Affects the Cost of House Cleaning Services?

Cleaning company’s or maid services charge based on square footage, price per room or price per hour. That is because each job is unique, most professionals company’s will only quote a final rate after performing a walk-through.

Select the type of cleaning you are interested in knowing the prices:

  • Move Out/Move In Cleaning Prices.
  • Deep House Cleaning Prices. (first time cleaning)
  • Recurring Cleaning.
  • Carpet Cleaning Cost.
  • Windows Cleaning Cost.

House Deep Cleaning Cost:

The average price of house deep house  cleaning is $130 to 280 per project. The total  cleaning price depends on the size of the home. and some companies charge per hour this can be between $25 per hour per person (the most common) to $60 per hour per person.

  • Under 600 Square Feet – Studio Size
  • Home Under 1000 Square Feet
  • Home Under 1600 Square Feet:

Under 600 Square Feet – Studio Size

Include: No Bedrooms. 1 Bathroom Kitchen All Surfaces. Baseboards. Cow beds.

The price is within: $115 to 160

Extras: Inside Oven. Inside Fridge. Inside Cabinets. Blids.

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