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Learning how to properly clean a floor will keep it looking spic and span, whether it is carpet, wood, tiles, or linoleum. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping are all techniques for getting rid of dirt and debris from the floor. Cleaning a floor correctly will save you time and energy, and will give you a great result!

Sweeping the Floor

Sweep high traffic areas every day. Floors that get a lot of use, such as a kitchen floor, will need to be swept every 1-2 days to be kept clean. Keep in mind that darker colored flooring will take a bit longer to start looking dirty than lighter flooring.
Lower traffic areas will need to be swept around twice a week.
“Vacuuming is more efficient than sweeping, but if you do use a broom, opt for one with closely-spaced nylon bristles, rather than straw.”

Step 2

Start in one corner and work toward the exit. Pick the corner that is the longest distance from the exit, and plan how to work your way around any furniture to reach the exit. Start by sweeping that corner, and then move outwards, finishing the room by the doorway.
Step 3

Sweep each section of the room with small strokes. Divide the room up into 4 sections, and sweep each using short and deliberate strokes. Keep the pile of swept dirt in each section, creating a new dirt pile in each section.
Don’t move the dirt pile around, as this will make the floor dirtier.

Step 4

Use a dustpan at the end to clean it up the dirty piles. Sweep up the dirt pile from each section once you have finished sweeping the room. If the dustpan leaves behind a small line of dirt, use a damp paper towel to wipe it up.

Step 5

Use a clean broom that’s in good shape. A clean broom is key to making sure that it will actually clean the floor, rather than add more dirt to it. The bristles should all be facing in one direction.
If the broom bristles are askew, invest in a new one.

Step 6

Clean your broom from time to time. Fill up a sink with hot, soapy water and give it a scrub. Make sure that you use a sink strainer so that the dirt doesn’t block up the drain.

Method 2
Vacuuming Floors


Vacuum high traffic areas at least 3 times per week. Kitchens and living rooms require regular vacuuming, and this will increase as the number of people living in the house rises. Lower traffic areas such as bedrooms should be vacuumed once a week. As a general rule of thumb, vacuum an area as many times per week as the number of people that use that space .

Move all of the large furniture out of the room to vacuum beneath it once or twice a year.

Step 2

Dust the room first. The HEPA filters in modern vacuum cleaners prevent fine debris from being emitted from the vacuum, which means that you don’t have to dust afterward. Use a microfiber cloth to dust objects, surfaces, and furniture.

Step 3

Move large toys and pet beds off the floor. Any items that are touching the floor which can easily be shifted should be moved at this point. This is so that you can vacuum the room thoroughly.
step 4
Clean out the vacuum cleaner. Remove all of the dust and debris from the dust bag or container in the vacuum. This will ensure that the machine has the best suction, and that the floors will be as clean as can be .
Make sure that the vacuum cleaner brush and head area are clear of hair too.
Step 5
Vacuum the edges of the walls and furniture with the crevice attachment. The vacuum cleaner head has a crevice attachment that you can click on to vacuum around the edges of the room. Also go around the edges of furniture that you cannot vacuum beneath, such as couches.
Step 6
Vacuum beneath any raised furniture. Change the head attachment to the regular floor brush. Vacuum under tables, bookshelves, beds, and any other furniture that is raised, as dust can build up in these spots too.
step 7
Vacuum the rest of the room. Start by vacuuming the whole room in one direction, and then vacuum the space again at a right angle. This will make sure you are cleaning thoroughly, and that the vacuum picks up at much debris as possible.

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