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Hot SOS maids service

Hot SOS maids service is a cloud-based solution engineered specifically to help housekeeping units streamline their workflows, reduce response times and check-in wait times for guests—all with the help of automation, analysis, and enhanced connectivity between all departments.

Hot SOS maids service redefines what is possible

When hotels run their housekeeping operations via manual, paper-based documentation, and scheduling processes, there’s only so much that they can do to make the unit more productive. There are always going to be gaps in a manual operation that hamper efficiency and block hotel staff from being effective, and everything from operational costs to guest satisfaction suffers as a result.

Cloud-based housekeeping management software, such as HotSOS Housekeeping from Amadeus, creates new possibilities for your department and opens new avenues for increased productivity, efficiency, and ultimately guest satisfaction. It automates the crucial components of your housekeeping operation to improve efficiency across the board for both line level and management staff.

Hotels need a comprehensive maids service software solution that delivers tangible results

When hotels introduce a new software system—especially into departments that have traditionally been analog, such as housekeeping—they want to make sure that it’s going to deliver real results that show everyone why the investment was worth the resources. With HotSOS Housekeeping, it’s easy for leaders and front-line employees alike to see why the platform makes a difference from the moment it’s implemented.

HotSOS Housekeeping makes it simple to automate the prioritization and execution of room cleaning throughout the day. Both line level and management staff end up spending their valuable time where it is needed most. It also integrates with your PMS to improve the flow of communication between housekeeping, maintenance, and the front office. Overall, hotels using HotSOS Housekeeping have been able to reduce their check-in wait times and guest response times by up to 50%.

Hot SOS maids service improves departmental performance and productivity while enhancing the guest experience

When information is updated and prioritized with the help of a digital interface and powerful algorithms, housekeeping staff can clean more rooms in a shorter timeframe and focus on the most needed rooms first. They can also report and track room maintenance issues, and instantly update the front office staff on status changes. Managers can easily put the final touches on the room with digital inspection tools to make sure nothing gets missed.

These may seem like small improvements, but besides saving the department money, they can also have a significant impact on the guest experience. When guests can check in earlier, they can be instantly notified when their room is ready, and encounter fewer maintenance issues once settled in. They are then more likely to be satisfied with their stay and turn into brand loyalists. All of that productivity and guest data can then be quickly utilized via dashboards and reports that can help leaders find areas for improvement to further streamline the operation.

See what a difference Amadeus Hot SOS Housekeeping solution can make for your operations

It’s not often that you find innovative cloud-based maids service software for hotels that makes such an immediate impact on your budget and your guests, but Hot SOS Housekeeping from Amadeus is here to create new possibilities. Request a free demo of this powerful solution today by contacting an Amadeus representative, and get a first-hand look at what your housekeeping operations could look like with the power of Hot SOS Housekeeping behind

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